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Temping – The Best Bits & Top Tips

Posted on 18th July 2017

Are you looking to become a top temp? We’re here to help! Aysun, our temp team Researcher and Resourcer extraordinaire has provided some insight into what it takes to be a great temp and has some top tips to make your temping experience even better.

Be honest and open

Availability is key but communication is the most important thing. Communicating with both your consultant and the client are so important whilst temping, If you’re not sure of something make sure you ask questions.

Let us know if something isn’t quite going to plan or if you’re not sure you doing things right; we’re here to help  So keep us updated, and we can advise you along the way.

Be Accountable

Temps are just as important as perms! If  you’re booked into your next temp position, you need to take this as seriously as you would if you were going for a permanent position. At the end of the day, you’re networking and building bridges, this is your chance to shine, you never know what opportunities can come from each temp role, so make sure you highlight the best of you! Don’t forget, you are representing both yourself and your consultant.


Companies try to keep good people. If you’re reliable, punctual, and take ownership of your role, it shows! More often than not, our Clients ask for the same temp over and over again, they buy into the person rather than what their CV says they can do. When a company has had a good experience with you and they know that you’re there, ready on standby, they’ll keep asking you back. It’s not just into the same role either; they often trust the individual to cover a variety of roles in the company allowing you to get some great, diverse experiences.

This is also fundamental when working with your consultancy; the simple things  like filling your timesheets out on time and ensuring you turn up to bookings when you say you will encourages trust between yourself and your consultant. This is so important as they need to be able to rely on you – you’re representing them as much as they’re representing you. It’s a mutually exclusive relationship.

Benefits and New Experiences

There are huge benefits to temping, not only in that the hourly pay rate is higher on average than the salaried worker but more so in that temping can provide you with the opportunity to get some brand-new experiences under your belt. You can be supporting different people, a variety of teams, and get involved with things you haven’t done before.

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to temping; one day you can be in a tech start up and then spend the next three days working with private equity or a property management company. The wide variety of sectors we work with and the type of positions we cover vary so much. You’ll gain more relevant experience than you realise.


You decide your schedule! There is so much flexibility with temping that you can choose your own schedule. If you don’t want to work this Friday, you make it clear you’re not available for a booking that covers this day. Working with your consultant to let them know your availability means you can benefit from the flexible lifestyle that suits you.

Overall, it’s a MUCH quicker job process. There isn’t this 4-stage interview process that can often come with applying for a permanent position and the recommendation of your consultant and your references are more important than ever to get you swiftly into your next role.

Temp to Perm

Companies taking on temps for longer term bookings or transitioning temporary workers into permanent positions is becoming more frequent. Companies don’t want to lose good people, once you’re in they might not want to let you go! It’s a great way to showcase your skills on the job!

Top Tips

Meeting your Consultant is like a 1st stage interview

First impressions matter. Dress as you would for an interview with a client and be aware of the impression you leave behind. Your consultant is the link between you and your next temporary position, your registration interview is where they will get to know you and will start to decide which Clients would be suitable for you and vice versa.

Be professional

Be aware that if you turn up late, don’t have the right documents, or consistently send informal emails or emails full of errors that these are all indicators of how you will perform on the job. You represent us as much as we represent you, so we all need to make sure its professional and positive.

Update your CV

Keep updating your CV with your latest experience, it helps us keep to keep finding you a variety of roles.

Keep in touch

Up to date availability will mean that your name will be top off the list for those last minute bookings and future bookings!

Be Flexible

Temp bookings are not always about the money – if you keep an open mind about the roles it could mean you get your foot through the door of a fantastic company. More and more companies are taking on temps into permanent roles!


If you’re looking to start temping, we have a variety of temp roles available, so get in touch with Aysun today.  Call her on 020 7734 7341, or email her directly here.