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Maine Training

For more than 30 years, our expert team have worked with SMEs through to global organisations, saving them millions of pounds each year, year after year, in recruitment costs.

Our training offering was born out of a desire to share our expertise with our partners, so that they can benefit from an engaged and aligned workforce.

We all know that bringing talent into your organisation is one thing, but getting a true ROI all depends on how you nurture and grow their career with you. Our training courses are designed to empower your people and talent managers to ensure that your workforce stay with you for years rather than months, giving them a greater sense of belonging and motivation and in return giving you greater engagement, higher productivity and exceptional ongoing result. 

We can create bespoke training packages to suit you and your organisation's needs. More information about our offerings is below:

The Maine Masterclass

38 videos, 3 key series - Attract, Retain & Develop and Exit

The Maine Group Masterclass is a training programme designed to teach businesses to directly manage the 360 degrees of their employees lifecycle. From attracting the very best talent to your organisation to getting the best return on investment by retaining and developing them for exceptional engagement, and maximum impact. The Masterclass videos will give you every tool you need.Click here to find out more.

The Maine Business Skills Training is designed to help all levels of employees develop their business skills, from entry level employees through to senior management. Training is offered either face to face or via Zoom and follow up coaching sessions for all modules is encouraged – because any module is more effective when the lessons are brought into your day to day role.These courses cover the whole range of business skills from Time Management, through to Developing Self Awareness, to Line Management to Turning Strategy into Action. Whatever you feel you may need support with, we will be able to help! 

The role of the Executive Assistant has seen huge evolution over the years. EAs are being promoted to manage new business areas and apply their talents in diverse ways across the operations space.

The Maine Group Executive Assistant Training is a series of courses targeted specifically at EAs. These programmes will help EAs to upskill and evolve their talents and remain the ever agile backbone to an organisation while growing their remitand value. Investing in supporting your EAs growth and evolution with high quality training will ensure you have a motivated, confident and valued EA community.

For more information on our training offering, or to speak to us about creating a training course for you, contact our CEO, Meeta Sahni or our Relationship Director, Carly Stephens.