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At The Maine Group, we are a people business, and retention to us is equally as important as the recruitment. We understand that a successful hire does not stop at placement stage. Maine Consultancy ensures that we on-board, develop and retain your talent, so that every hire is a successful one! We are so passionate about helping you create your business family, that we offer a full suite of consultancy services to ensure the foundations of your business are solid and able to support your continual growth and success. Your strategy is our strategy.

Maine Consultancy offers the following:

Engagement meeting on client site

We will immerse ourselves into your world and become an extension of your business. Meeting with you and your team and experiencing your environment is paramount, so we can establish and understand your needs and most importantly, the cultural fit of your organisation.

Executive Summary produced establishing hiring needs and retention strategy

We work to understand the reasons for the vacancy and what your business needs now. We look at your long term plan, your short term challenges, your overall workforce e planning and the team make up to create bespoke role profile to ensure a perfect skills and cultural match

Job Profile Creation

​Based on our findings we will work with you to create a dynamic role profile ensure deliverables are captured

Talent Attraction Strategy (advertising)

​Every role is unique and will require a bespoke attraction strategy we will utilise our extensive experience to define the most relevant strategy for you whether it is headhunting, a paid advertising campaign, affiliate marketing or reaching out to our existing network   

On-Site resourcing

​We will carry out our extensive resourcing process at your offices to ensure a collaborative and transparent and more effective shortlist ling process’s

Hiring Policy and Interview Process Review

We will review your hiring policy and interview process and offer expert advice on making that system even more robust and provide you with specific competency based questions to ask at interview

Panel Interview Support

​An expert member of our team will join your interview panel to guide the interview process and allowing you to make unbiased hiring decisions

On-boarding support

Our high touch involvement will close any gaps in the process between offer stage and your successful hire passing probation

  • Training at operational level on interviewing and recruitment process
    • CBI, Panel, Forms, Interview Questions, Scoring

If your line managers and hiring team are not interviewing experts, don’t worry, our team offer full training on managing the interview process

Full Psychometric & Personality profiling (DISC) Diagnostics & Learning Styles for team workers

​Dynamic companies understand the need for a full 360 picture

Team Profile Analysis to optimise performance and create highly successful teams

We care as much about the team you have in place as the team we create and through Profile Analysis we can ensure highly successful teams are standard in your business

CPD Events Programme for HR & Management covering Legal, Best Practise and Human Capital Strategy

In the ever changing world of legislation and employment law, we like to keep you up to date! We offer full day seminars, shorter breakfast and lunch briefings and lunchtime webinars, all hosted alongside an expert law team. We also give you the opportunity to speak onsite with our lawyers to cover any specific Employment Law queries you may have. We also host a variety of round the table HR events and think tanks so you can bounce off likeminded experts!

Regular on site meetings for continual assessment of talent attraction and retention strategy

We will meet with you regularly to check how we’re both doing. Feedback is paramount to improving success! It also gives us a chance to see how your team are doing and check on your needs.

Management Training & Coaching  (2 day programme)  £1500 per day for a team of up to 5 people   

Successful hiring is preceded by successful management!

Employability Reports

If you are going through a dismissal process and need professional advice on an employees ability to secure new employment, we can help! We are able to provide full Employability Reports which will include an assessment of an employees skills and experience (through the CV), the current market, and current roles available to help decipher the length of time it will take to find new employment. Employment Lawyers often call upon us for this purpose. If you need an Employabilty Report, call us today, our consultancy team will be more than happy to help. 

Unbundled Services

Or, ask us about our Unbundled Services! You can select any one of the services above, and be charged for them seperately rather than choosing the whole recruitment package! We can tailor any of our services to your needs. 

All of the above are based on our daily rate of £1000 per day  (Exceptions will apply, and hourly rates also available)

The Maine Group is a consultancy that puts the highest quality of candidates coupled with our bespoke service as the cornerstone of building long term successful partnerships. Your success is our success and we won't stop until we get there.

Meeta Sahni, CEO

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