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Executive Assistant Programme

The role of the Executive Assistant has seen huge evolution over the years. EAs are being promoted to manage new business areas and apply their talents in diverse ways across the operations space.

The Maine Group Executive Assistant Training is a series of courses targeted specifically at EAs. These programmes will help EAs to upskill and evolve their talents and remain the ever agile backbone to an organisation while growing their remitand value. Investing in supporting your EAs growth and evolution with high quality training will ensure you have a motivated, confident and valued EA community. We offer a range of programmes including:

  • Line management skills for Executive Assistants
  • Time management skills for Executive Assistants
  • Difficult conversations for Executive Assistants
  • Remote Working for Executive Assistants
  • A refresher course for professional Executive Assistants
  • Recruitment skills for Executive Assistants
  • Human Resources skills for Executive Assistants
  • An introduction to finance for Executive Assistants
  • Marketing basics for Executive Assistants
  • Minute taking skills for Executive Assistants

All courses can also be taliored for Office Managers, Business Assistants, Personal Assistants, or Operation Managers.

All courses are available as a half or full day option. 

We also have a selection of bitesize 1 hour courses written specifically for Executive Assistants, which cover the following topics:

  • Building and maintaining a successful relationship with your executive
  • Diary Management 101
  • Microsoft Office and 365 101
  • Managing your time effectively
  • Communicating remotely with impact
  • Being exceptional when working remotely
  • Commerciality and the bigger picture
  • Business development 101
  • Establishing your personal brand
  • Maintaining momentum and motivation
  • Establishing assertiveness
  • Market trends update and things to know

For more information on any of our courses, or for course breakdowns, contact us!