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Is It Too Hot To Work?

Posted on 19th June 2017

We British are possibly the worst when it comes to complaining about the bad weather but we’re just as bad when it come to the glorious, yet blistering, sunshine. With the temperatures reaching 32 degrees Celsius in places today, we’ve all heard to “it’s just too hot” about 20 times each already. The real question now is, is it too hot to work?

From most people’s perspective? Yes, yes it IS too hot to work (but that’s mainly because we want nothing more than to be sitting in the sunshine).

Legally however, it’s never too hot to work. There is no maximum temperature where employees are officially allowed to leave work, nevertheless employers do have a responsibility to ensure an environment without risks to health.

If we were based in the Mediterranean, the American South, or anywhere that can boast hot summers, our office buildings would able to handle such high temperatures – the air con would be top notch and working (having been in use all year and not turned on for the first time this year in June!), we’d have cold drinks in the fridge, and the luxury of not feeling like we’re going to melt. However, we are woefully underprepared for this heatwave as always – the air con is buzzing away trying desperately to keep things cool and the shirt and tie combo is succeeding in its attempt to smother us all.

Even if it is too hot to work, we all know we’re not going anywhere. Take the time to treat yourself to an ice lolly, a milkshake, or maybe even a refreshing glass of beer after work. Stay hydrated and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.