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It's International Charity Day!

Posted on 5th September 2016

It's International Charity Day!
Today is International Charity Day and here at The Maine Group, we are committed to working with our not only our nominated charity for the years, but across the charity sector to raise money and donate our time to good causes. Through the years, Maine team members have raised money through bake sales, getting involved in all sorts of charity days, and our Maine volunteer days.
Out dedicated charity for 2016 is Clic Sargent; we’ve been working with Clic throughout the year to raise money for children with cancer; we’ve had bakes sales, gotten ‘wiggy with it’ on Wig Wednesday and got involved with Rage the Night Rapids.
Maine Charity is also here to help you with your hiring needs! Our dedicated Charity division focus on unique charity sector roles from Major Donor’s to Challenge Event Co-ordinators. We understand that every penny should go back to those who need it, and therefore will ensure that the service we provide to you offers clear value for money.  Each person we place with you will reflect the ethos and culture of your organisation.
Volunteer Positions
If you are looking to advertise a volunteer position, please get in touch with one of our Maine Charity team today and we will advertise your volunteer vacancy for free!
If you are looking for to volunteer at some of the major charities, take a look at our website for the latest volunteer positions.
What are your plans for International Charity Day? 
Have you got any plans for today? Are you having a bake sale or volunteering? Tweet us your events @The_Maine_Group!