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Fundraising - Our Thoughts

Posted on 29th January 2020

Here at Maine Charity, we’re looking to help the sector grow the amazing fundraising talent that’s out there and inspire new talent to join the sector. So you can get the most out of your candidates, we’re looking to get some input from the fundraisers and hiring managers out there - what are your biggest recruitment challenges?

Hiring? What a nightmare…

Throughout the last year, there has been a notable skills shortage across all areas of income generation. On average, roles within fundraising are open, waiting to be filled for 22 weeks – that’s over 5 months!           

Our sector specialist, Siobhan Flude, had this to say:

“We’ve really noticed that when you’re looking at bringing on new members of the team into your organisation, these vacancies are taking much longer to fill as the people with the right skills just aren’t available. People are being elevated through the ranks much faster than 5 years ago which is leaving a skills gap in the middle            “

Is it time for a skills audit?

Ian MacQuillin wrote a persuasive column last year arguing that organisations “need to establish how much [organisations] value skills and aptitudes such as critical reasoning, creativity, independent thought and problem-solving” and, as such, bring in the more people with the skills and aptitudes. It’s fair to say that we need to be flexible when looking at talent and look not only within the sector, but outside it as well.

How do you think we could generate talent from outside the sector?