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A Stepathon Update #1

Posted on 8th November 2018

We’re over a week into our stepathon and it’s proving to be a bit of an uphill struggle! The whole team are on board, but I think it came as a bit of a surprise to all of us just how few steps we actually do on a daily basis! It’s been a real eye opener. Our sedentary jobs means we’re not moving around enough and we’re a little bit too stuck to our screens but the last 8 days have given all of us the push to get out the office and get a bit of fresh air! “It’s had a real impact, I’ve felt more energised and focussed and really think that’s down to getting away from my desk for a while during lunch. I think I’m even more productive!” said Carly, one of our Directors and a notorious “eat lunch at my desk” person.

Maine Charity Resourcer, Caitlin, gave me some insight into how she’s found it so far “The Stepathon has been a challenge, but I’m really enjoying how much it is forcing me to think about the activity I do in the day. I am loving a bit of healthy competition in the office, although the shame you feel when you get under target (damn you lazy Sundays!!) is pretty hard to swallow!”

and Maine-Tucker Resourcer, Rose felt similarly “I’ve really enjoyed the stepathon so far and I am relishing the day to day challenge, although it’s been a little bit harder than expected! I feel like although it has been challenging it’s been really beneficial and has definitely made me be more active day to day”.

It looks like we’re in for a tough challenge but the whole team are on board and upping their step count daily!

Don't forget, this is all in aid of a good cause! We're raising money for Dementia UK; if you have any spare change you can sponsor us here:

Paige  #JustKeepStepping