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Announcing our Ambassador of the Year 2017!

Posted on 31st January 2018

We love to celebrate here at The Maine Group and couldn’t be happier to announce our Ambassador of the Year for 2017! This member of the Maine Family truly embodies Our culture and the values that we live and conduct ourselves by here at The Maine Group. Each month, we award internally our monthly ambassador, voted for by the team, and the team member with the most votes holds the ambassador title for the month and wins a nice, cold bottle of bubbly!

At the end of the year, on our company day out, we announce our winner for the year (the person with the most votes in the last 12 months) and is crowned as our ‘Annual Ambassador’ and is awarded a £250 bonus! We are delighted to announce that our Maine Ambassador of the Year 2017 is Aysun Demeni!

Aysun is our Temp Team Account Manager extraordinaire, who has worked hard all year to make sure the temps desk is supported and runs smoothly, that our candidates receive the best possible service, and that our Clients are happy! She has been part of the Maine World since 2015 and continues to uphold the Maine Behaviours and Values to the highest degree; she truly deserves to win! Here are some of the wonderful things the Maine Team had to say about Aysun:

“Aysun is always so professional and engaging, she works so hard and even under pressure she always seems to calm. She is always happy to help and support the team”

“Aysun is continually committed and has grown incredibly quickly in her role.  Wearing many hats daily Aysun does this with passion and proves herself to be a pivotal person not only in the team but also a team player within the company.”

“She’s always smiling, positive, bright, professional and no matter what is willing to help.”

“She embodies all the Maine core values and is such a pro at what she does, always sourcing and engaging with candidates with top notch professionalism - giving them the “Maine” experience from beginning to end – and all this while being a busy mum!!!  Aysun you ROCK and it’s great having you back with us!”  

Huge congratulations Aysun; you’re a star!