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Temps, Interims and Contracts - The answer to your prayers

Posted on 29th March 2023

If you’re tired of trying to win the war for talent–stop fighting. There’s an easier way to fill your recruitment needs.

More and more employers are turning to temporary, interim, and contract workers to fill skills gaps and save money in these uncertain times. Both employers and contractors are benefiting from flexible work in such a volatile market. Here are 12 reasons why.

1.     More cost-effective than permanent hires

Temporary workers are more cost-effective for two reasons: first, the benefit of flexibility really helps. You can increase or decrease staff costs as you need and usually without having to pay for notice periods. , and second You don’t always have to pay out for full benefits in the first 12 weeks, which can provide a lot of cost savings. Less time to manage

Managing a permanent employee takes a lot of time. They need a full onboarding, induction and training programme which is a big commitment. As much as temps do need training and onboarding, they are always ready to hit the ground running and add value to whatever you need straight away, saving you time. They also don’t often need such close management as they’re there to help with a temporary assignment, and then leave. If you or your line managers are pushed for time, bringing in a temp will be much easier.

2.     Access to new skills

If you’re looking for a niche or emerging skills to add to your team, a temp is the perfect way to try this out. You don’t have to commit long-term, but you’re able to experience a new skill set in your business for as long as you need. Often with temps, you may not hire exactly the person you thought you needed, which can be a positive thing as you gain access to a totally new skill set. Temps also have a variety of experiences from different sectors and businesses which they can bring to your world. They may have ideas on how you can work more effectively, drawing on their previous experience.

3.     Try before you buy

None of us is quite the same person in a job interview as we are in daily life. The cost of a bad hire is equivalent to at least 4 months of that person’s wages–so it pays to try before you buy Many of our temp, interim, and contract workers stay on and become permanent employees.

4.     Recession-friendly

If you’re concerned about your hiring budget (and most employers are), working with temps allows you to be agile in an uncertain market.

5.     Allows you to meet project deadlines

When you’re behind on a project, you don’t have to choose between burning out your permanent team and missing the deadline. Rapid access to interim talent gives you more hands on deck when you need them.

6.     Tap into new talent pools

Hiring temps attracts people you might otherwise not attract to your business because they might not think to work for your organisation on a permanent basis–and they might end up becoming valuable permanent hires.

7.     No payroll admin costs

When you hire a temp, we’ll handle the payroll, saving you both time and money! there are no hidden costs.

8.     Hit the ground running

Temporary workers are used to landing on their feet and will fit into your business culturally from day 1. They are chameleons and can adapt to any situation or task needed.

9.     Available any time

Temps can go into the office when you might not be able to, they may even live closer than your team! If you need someone to man the reception desk or cover the phones, they can be more available than your permanent team

10.  Take the pressure off

They can do the jobs that you don’t want to do, or have the time to do, especially for interim hires. They are experienced and can take care of these tasks for you – let them handle it!

11.  Smart business sense

Working with temps and contractors is one of the most important steps you can take to recession-proof your business.


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