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How to manage the risks of hiring Christmas staff?

Posted on 28th November 2022

The pandemic has left us with an enormous pool of gig workers–but it can feel like the world’s most expensive lucky dip. Will you get a superstar who’ll help you ace the critical Christmas period; someone who treats casual work more casually than you’d like; or--in the worst case scenario--someone whose behaviour poses a danger to your customers or other employees? 

Temp workers often come into contact with vulnerable people: children, older people, or those who are housebound. They also tend to work more independently than permanent employees–making deliveries or greeting the public, for example. 

This demands a high level of trust from both clients and employers–especially over Christmas, when the rush and disruption to normal routines make it hard to keep an eye on everything.

Despite this, many employers fall into the trap of onboarding temps too fast. Hiring temps inevitably comes with a higher turnover rate–most are just looking to put bread on the table (and presents under the tree) until something better comes along, and in the current market, something better can come along fast. But that’s no reason to rush your onboarding. 

Even if a temp isn’t there for long, the impact of their actions could be with you (and your bottom line) for much longer. That’s why it’s always worth running background checks to ensure the Christmas staff you take on are trustworthy. Every time you hire seasonal or gig workers, you should be carrying out:

  •     Criminal record checks

  •     Right-to-work checks

  •     Employment verification

  •     Education verification

  •     Driver licence checks (if needed)

If that sounds like a lot at this busy time of year, remember a good recruitment partner will manage all this for you. Get in touch today to discover how we can help you make the most of the Christmas season.