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Top 10 Websites for Support during Covid-19

Posted on 21st April 2020

Our CEO Meeta Sahni recommends her top 10 places to get support in these challenging times whether it’s financial, legal or wellbeing. These are sites she’s found really useful through our own experience in this Corona Virus business crisis.

1. -

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting a lot from the government going into this pandemic, but as the crisis unfolded and the magnitude of what we’re facing became apparent, it was reassuring to hear from Rishi and Boris what the governments plan was to support businesses and charitable organisations. literally has links to everything you might need around business grants, loans and information around furloughing. Definitely worth a visit.

2. FSB -

Although you have to be a member, the Federation of Small Businesses is not an expensive investment. They provide legal, financial and operational guidance as well as many free webinars and advisory pieces. They also work closely with Journolink which connects businesses to journalists and helps you raise your business profile with news stories.

3. UK Finance -

All things financial under one roof! Whether it’s a loan, business banking or financial management, this site holds a lot of information and access to what you’re looking for and helps get you to the options quickly!

4. London Growth Hub -

From booking a free one to one appointment with an advisor, to events and resources, this site is a goldmine for everything business. In particular, there are Covid 19 support packages which range from how to negotiate with your landlord and how to manage mental health right through to negotiating commercial contracts and even business continuity and planning. Alongside all the usual employer advice, this site is well worth a visit.

5. Your local council website

When it comes to understanding your business rates and what you must pay this year, the council can help. Can you get a holiday or a discount? This is to go to site to find out.

6. NHS Moodzone -

This is the official NHS site for assisting with your wellbeing. It’s a real hub of resource, with self-assessment quizzes, mental wellbeing audio guides and multiple articles to support your wellbeing. There are also really useful links to helplines and support groups which could really help. We really recommend this one.

7. The Headspace App -

We provided our people at The Maine Group with a years subscription for this app. It gives tips for meditation and silencing the thoughts which can easily get out of control at this worrying time. in partuar, there are meditation courses to help with business challenges such as improving communication skills, being a good listener and how to cope with work challenges – all very useful at this time.

8. The Youper App  -

Youper is an emotional health assistant which you can download for free – what more could you need?! It uses AI to help you understand yourself, track your moods, and monitor your emotional health which is so important during this time. it also uses personalised meditation sessions and adapts techniques to suit you.

9. The Meditation Podcast -

It does what it says on the tin! Founded by a husband and wife team with experience in the healing arts, it has become hugely popular and comes well recommended. A true meditation experience to encourage calming and a stress and anxiety detox.

10. Your personal network of accountants and lawyers

These advisors are not just there for year end and legal issues, they are there hugely in an advisory capacity and at this time, they have not only valuable knowledge of the subject matter but an understanding of the market overall to help you through this time.

For any additional advice and guidance, please feel free to get in touch here, I would be really happy to hear from you!