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Interning the Maine way

Posted on 17th September 2018

September is here, summer is over and it all feels just a bit too much like we’re going back to school, doesn’t it?! Whilst we were all jetting off on holiday or enjoying our very own heat wave, The Maine Group welcomed a great new intern on board for a week’s work experience. Aamir, having just finished his GCSEs, volunteered a week of his summer holiday to get some office experience and learn a bit more about working full time. Here are his thoughts on his week with us:

As exams had come to a finish and summer had begun, I found myself at a one-week placement in The Maine Group for work experience. I had never worked in the centre of London before – or worked at all in fact - so this was a new experience. I thought I knew what The Maine Group was about – a simple recruiting agency – however I was pleasantly surprised. I expected a compact office block but was met with a comfortable and spacious area and upon arrival, I was greeted by a group of likeable characters with their own unique personalities. Throughout the week I completed various tasks and acquired a wide range of skills other jobs could not have provided; I had my first experience on databases; I sent and requested references, I chased up leads, and even got the odd coffee or two. Although these tasks were lengthier than what I was used to at school, it gave me a true understanding of what the future holds and what would be required from me. Perhaps the most valuable task was searching through CVs to find the perfect candidate to suit a role. This taught me what employees look for in a CV which will help me in my future career. All this, accompanied with a positive environment and supportive co-workers, made me understand what a successful company looks like. Even if I did get the wrong coffee once, from start to finish I had a great experience and look forward to returning to The Maine Group.”

It was an absolute pleasure to have Aamir join us and we look forward to helping him find his dream role in the years to come. For now though, a huge congratulations to him for his amazing GCSE results!

Shaping careers is something we’re truly passionate about here at The Maine Group and our main aim is to find the right role for you. If this is something you need help with, we’re more than happy to go the extra mile and invite you down to Maine HQ for a work experience placement, offering you an insight to the working world the Maine way! Get in touch with us today about interning opportunities.