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Announcing our Maine Ambassador of the Year 2018

Posted on 17th January 2019

Here at The Maine Group we love to reward greatness and give back to the team. The Maine Family support each other and every month we nominate a Maine Ambassador. At the end of each year, we tally up ALL the nominations throughout the year made by the team to get our Maine Ambassador of the Year! This person upholds all of the Maine "Behaviours and Values" and has recevied the most votes throughout the year; not only do they get to hold this very prestigious title for the year, they also received £250 in cold hard cash! We are excited to anounce that this year, the winner is... Paige Abbs!

Paige is our Office Manager and covers everything from stationary, to marketing, to IT support, to being our on site do yourself Miss Fix It. She ensure that everything in the office runs as smoothly as possible and that the Maine Team, our candidate, and  our clients are all supported. She has been a part of the Maine World since 2016 and we're lucky to have her on board; she continues to work 'The Maine Way' and truly deserves to win! Here are some of the wonderful things the Maine Team had to say about Paige:

"she certainly put the A in A-team! She works so hard to ensure that all our day to day operations run smoothly. She is always patience, courteous and accountable in all that she does. I know she is on top of anything I have asked her to, or anything she is helping me with."

"Paige gets on average a 1000 questions a day from everyone in the office and manages to answer them all.  With all the technical issues we’ve had she is on top if this, and stays late to make sure the systems are rebooted. Thanks for all you do for us!"

"My Ambassador is Paige – she has been so helpful and understanding; it has made such a big difference having her around. She seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of absolutely everything and stays calm and positive in the face of my persistent questions and calls for help!"

A big thank you and congratulations Paige, you're a star!