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Learning at Work Week

Posted on 13th May 2021

We are so excited that the week beginning 17th May is officially Learning at Work Week. This is a whole week dedicated to the importance of continual learning and development at work, which here at The Maine Group, we believe is imperative in the attraction and retention of your people. It's been shown that providing training at work improves employee performance and engagement, increases productivity, increases innovation and new ideas and strategies, and reduces employee turnover!

To celebrate this, we are offering a number of complimentary Training Taster sessions from the suite of training courses we offer. These are running every day at 2pm and are completely free of charge, all you have to give is your time.

Get valuable insights into the 4 most important areas of learning for people in business this year:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Mental Health
  • People & Talent
  • Executive & Operations Assistant Training

Take a look at our schedule below and sign up!

Monday 17th May @ 2pm - Diversity & Inclusion: What should go into your strategy for D&I in 2021

A recent survey has found that 3 in 4 companies plan to review their Diversity and Inclusion policies and hiring practices for 2021. After a year which has recently seen The Black Lives Matter and the Me Too movement, this doesn’t come as a surprise, so there is no time more important than now to ensure we are focused on diversity and inclusion within our businesses.

Join us for this FREE Taster Training session  as we walk you through:

  • Understanding the benefits of a robust Diversity and Inclusion strategy
  • What your D&I policy should include
  • How to be inclusive - behaviours and values to champion
  • Integrating D&I into your hiring strategy

Register for this session HERE


Tuesday 18th May @ 2pm - Mental Wealth: Managing social anxieties of returning to the office

As lockdown begins to ease and we plan our return back to the office, we may notice reluctance or anxiety surrounding coming back. We assess what we can do as people leaders to ease these worries, and what tools and techniques we can use to reassure our people to get them back to work, and ultimately get your organisation back to thriving. Jo Ellen, founder of Impact Factory (and a trained psychologist) joins us as we discuss:

  • How to overcome the awkwardness of returning and manage feelings of re-entry
  • Coping with the new ‘firsts’
  • Tools and Techniques to help ease anxious feelings in the workplace

Register for this session HERE


Wednesday 19th May @ 2pm  - Recruitment: Master the Art of Attracting the Best People for your Organisation

Post pandemic with budgets being frozen and projects deeply in areas, having the right talent in your world is everything, but without the money to throw at recruitment partnerships, how do you still create that success, we’re here to tell you how to do it.

  • How to conduct the perfect hiring process to get the hire right first time, every time from marketing your employer brand to interviewing for success
  • Induction and onboarding and the first 100 days
  • Q&A

Register for this session HERE


Thursday 20th May @ 2pm - Doubling the output of your CEO, calling all Executive Assistants!

The pandemic has created a shift for the majority of roles, especially that of the EA. We have a variety of Executive Assistant training courses available, so join our CEO, Meeta Sahni as gives an insight into:

  • The 3 biggest factors driving the shift in the EA role
  • Time and Technology – the opportunities and the challenges
  • Upskilling and strategic thinking: being ahead of your executive

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Friday 21st May @ 2pm - Career Coaching: Developing your personal brand to find the perfect career

The pandemic has caused many of us to evaluate our career choices, our current role and in some cases, the need to find a new role. Join us as we walk you through a complimentary training taster on:

  • How to mentally prepare yourself for a job search
  • What should you be looking for in your next role? A career coaching taster
  • What should your CV and LinkedIn Profile look like?

Register for this session HERE

We can't wait to see you there! If there are any other courses you'd be interested in, please do get in touch!