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Menopause is impacting your workers–and they’re not telling you

Posted on 12th September 2022

A shocking 69% of workers going through perimenopause or menopause say their work has been affected, according to a recent poll.

23% have had to work late to make up time they had to take off work because of symptoms and health appointments, and 22% have made mistakes or missed deadlines as a result of menopause symptoms.

What’s worse is that 65% say they’re too uncomfortable to talk to their boss about how these symptoms are affecting them at work. Just 27% have been able to confide in their managers. And 11% also said their menopause symptoms had even affected their relationships with colleagues.

What are the common symptoms of menopause?

65% of workers polled said they’d suffered low moods, mood swings and hot flushes, including excessive sweating, while 62% had had difficulty sleeping. Another common symptom is headaches, which affect 50% of those going through menopause, and 45% have issues with memory and concentration.

Because of these symptoms, one in six respondents said they’d missed out on external meetings or workplace social events.

How can employers support employees going through menopause?

There’s plenty employers can do to help their employees stay well and give their best at work during this phase of their lives. If you have an Employee Assistance Programme, it should include support for both mental and physical concerns around menopause and perimenopause.

More importantly, you need to make sure your employees feel safe to bring the subject up. That means regularly signposting the support that’s available, and reminding them about the specific benefits, resources and policies you have in place to support people going through menopause. All the support in the world won’t help if your employees are ashamed to access it.