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Home workers: how to optimise your productivity

Posted on 12th September 2022

With home working at more than double pre-COVID levels, more people than ever before are looking for ways to be more productive without a boss looking over their shoulders.

And it turns out their shoulders–and backs, and necks–might be part of the problem. Working all day sitting on a kitchen chair, a sofa, or anything else that’s not designed for computer use, has a very real impact on productivity, according to ergonomics experts.

“Setting your home office up in an ergonomic way is vital to your effectiveness and to limit the risk of aches, pains and injuries,” says Katharine Metters, Lead Consultant in Ergonomics at Posturite.

Their research has found that only 48% of home workers have a designated study or office–that’s over 50% who are working in their living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. This makes it crucial to create ergonomic workstations to enable home workers to focus and protect their health.

One of the most frequent side-effects of home working without a proper ergonomic setup is bad posture, which can lead to chronic pain, poor circulation, and even a decline in mental health.

“Ergonomics when working from home isn’t just about ensuring that your equipment is supporting you in the correct way, but it is also important you take frequent screen breaks, plus move or stretch out your body regularly,” says Lucy Fairbanks of Posturite.

“Not only will this boost productivity, but you will find you have more energy throughout the day.”