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Returning to work from maternity leave The ‘Maine’ Way

Posted on 11th July 2017

I started working at the age of 16 and continued throughout my studies, I’ve always loved the challenges and independence the working world offers. When my husband and I first got together, he was also working in a high intensity fast paced role and we both understood that we would be expected to, as well as wanting to, work long hours. We didn’t have to worry about what else was going on in our worlds, if we weren’t going to be home at a certain hour, it didn’t matter, of course that all changes when you have a baby.

The biggest readjustment since returning to work from maternity is the way I manage my time and thinking about when I’m going to be able to spend quality time with Jaya.  It’s certainly a juggling act and I always have to plan ahead and decide when I can work late, and when I need to leave on time.

Coming back to The Maine Group has been fantastic for me, our CEO Meeta has been so accommodating and supportive.  The agile working structure that The Maine Group offer has given me so much flexibility; there is a real understanding that there is a world outside of your career and a security in knowing that if I need to go and pick Jaya up from nursery, I can, or if I need to come in late one morning due to childcare, I can work remotely until I can make it into the office.  We have a few working mums in the office now and I know that all of us benefit from this flexibility.

Meeta has her own children so she completely understands the demands of being a working parent and appreciates that sometimes you just need to dash off, or if you need to work remotely on the odd day, you can.  I can be a successful working mum and have both quality time with my daughter and in the business.  Meeta and the team understand how precious time is, especially in the recruitment world! Recruitment is fast paced and very demanding but I’ve really learned since being back from maternity that it is possible to handle both and that’s down to the support from The Maine Group.

I’ve returned from maternity to a great package.  I now work a four-day week with one day working from home and I spend my day off with Jaya.  I can still take calls and deal with anything urgent, but this is my time with my daughter and she is my focus. This is so important to me, I don’t want to miss out on her growing up and this structure allows me to be around for her but also to manage my workload too. On my work from home days, I drop her off to wherever she’s going – nursery/my mum’s/my sisters’ etc, and switch into work mode.  I love these days, it gives me that extra hour and contact time with Jaya where I would normally be travelling to the office and so much more flexibility with my child care.  On the days I am in the office, my husband Tod is hands on and covers the drop offs and pick ups as well as breakfast and dinner, always challenging with babies because you never know if the food is going to end up in their stomach or on the floor!

Coming back to The Maine Group has been exactly what I needed.  It’s been a balancing act as I love being a successful career woman and I also love being a mum and the great thing is, I’ve been supported to manage my new lifestyle and flourish in both of my ‘jobs’. I’ll continue to do both and hopefully take the things I’ve learned and put them to good use – my years of negotiation are starting to come in handy when dealing with my curious, demanding but completely adorable, one year old!

Recruitment is demanding but The Maine Group have made it possible to balance a fast-paced desk, a flourishing career as well as being a hands on mum.  

 If you’re a working mum in recruitment, we can support you to have it all! Get in touch today!