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Is Menopause a 'Dirty' Word?

Posted on 10th October 2023

Are you ready to break the silence surrounding menopause? At The Maine Group, we are thrilled to celebrate World Menopause Day 2023 with an eye-opening webinar that dives deep into why menopause is still considered a "dirty" word. Join us on Friday, October 20th, at 12 pm as we unravel the complexities of this crucial topic.

Menopause: The Unspoken Reality:

Menopause is a natural phase of life that impacts at least 50% of the global population, and yet, it remains shrouded in silence. It's time to change that narrative. Did you know that in the 2022 Fawcett Society Menopause in the Workplace report, a staggering 46% of respondents revealed that they didn't feel comfortable discussing menopause with their managers? This silence has real consequences. Up to 10% of menopausal individuals decide to leave the workplace due to the negative impacts of menopause or the lack of support from colleagues.

Why You Should Care:

Here's the sobering truth: Women with years of invaluable technical knowledge and leadership experience are leaving the workforce because of menopause-related challenges and inadequate support. These are the mentors and leaders your business relies on and losing them is costly in more ways than one. If you're thinking about succession planning and securing the future of your organisation, this webinar is an absolute must-attend.

Webinar Highlights:

Meeta is joined by Jeanette Forder, the Founder and CEO of Phoenix Wellness Coaching, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organisations thrive through menopause. Together, they will delve into crucial topics, including:

  • Supporting Your Staff Through Menopause: Discover effective strategies to support your team members experiencing menopause, fostering a workplace culture that cares.
  • Breaking the Menopause 'Taboo': Explore ways to remove the stigma surrounding menopause, encouraging open and honest conversations.
  • Becoming the Ultimate Employer of Choice: Learn how you can ensure your organisation retains its top talent by prioritising the well-being and needs of menopausal employees.

It's time to embrace change, spark meaningful conversations, and create workplaces that empower everyone, regardless of their life stage. Join us on October 20th at 12 pm and be a part of this transformative dialogue. Together, we can reshape the future of work. Don't miss out—reserve your spot today!

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