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How to deal with stress in the workplace

Posted on 9th May 2023

With stress being one of the main causes of long-term workplace absence, it is vital that businesses support their employees, especially in helping managers to cope with stress and manage their increasing workloads.

Ever since the pandemic, our workforce has continued to follow the remote working lifestyle, with over 40% of UK workers working from home at least one day a week. Many workplaces have now adopted a hybrid working pattern.

Unfortunately, this new pattern brings with it new challenges for managers. In fact, 34% of managers have said that these new hybrid-style workplaces have changed leadership for the worse.

The main challenges managers are facing due to hybrid working are:

  • Team morale is neglected.
  • Company culture is lacking.
  • More difficult to communicate with workers.
  • Work-life boundaries are ignored.

Although it may not be possible to lessen the workload for your managers, as an employer you can support your employees in coping with work life stresses. Some ideas include:

  • Offer a support network of recognition and appreciation to allow managers and employees to feel valued.
  •  If you can, ensure the team is confident in their role - offer training solutions to help with their work if they are struggling.
  • Encourage boundaries with work - no checking emails in the evening or the weekends. This allows opportunity to rest.

Physical and mental wellness at work has never been more important. With added pressure, change and uncertainty it is imperative that we support our workforce to feel safe, secure, and not alone, particularly as many of us are working remotely. A supported workforce is happier, more engaged, more motivated, and more productive. 

We offer Physical and Wellness courses to support you and your teams manage their stress and increase their wellness.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can support your employees with their stress management. Talk with Carly today about the course we have available: