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1 Year Of Covid Checklist

Posted on 5th March 2021

1 Year Covid Checklist

  • Review the governments Covid secure guidelines – have you still got these in place? Are they working for you?
  • Share with your team again and make sure they are accessible, so everyone knows what to expect
  • Lay out your plan for the team – if they get Covid symptoms once they are back, what should they do? What should they expect? How will it affect them?
  • Consider rapid test kits if necessary and discuss this with your team, would they be happy to take tests? Testing provides reassurance and shows you are taking steps to protect everyone else.
  • Review your work from home policies and ensure all who are working from home have what they need
  • Keep the contact with your furloughed staff and include them in any company communications
  • Arrange return to work meetings for long term furloughed staff if they are coming back
  • Review your company strategy and plan for anything missed, i.e. appraisals, reviews etc.
  • Review the tools you have in place to support your workers – do you offer health care? A remote GP service? Some options can be reasonable and add much more value, generally these appointments are much more available out of hours too.
  • Run some surveys now to help you prepare – what does the future look like to your team going forward? What flexibility will they want?
  • When thinking about going back to the office, review the following:
    • Arrange workspaces to keep staff apart. Consider using barriers to separate people and introduce back-to-back or side-by-side working.
    • Reduce face-to-face meetings. Encourage calls or video conferences to avoid in-person meetings with external contacts, or colleagues outside someone’s immediate team, wherever possible.
    • Reduce crowding. Consider how many people can be in each space while remaining socially distant and consider using booking systems for desks or rooms. Reduce the maximum occupancy for lifts.
    • Communicate?and train.?Make sure all?staff and visitors?are kept up to date with the safety measures.
  • Celebrate! You’ve made it through! Congratulate your team and do something to celebrate