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The advantages of hiring temps

Posted on 16th June 2015

While many businesses have been happy to take on temps in the last few years - indeed, more and more are doing do - some still need to be convinced about the benefits of this approach.

So, here at The Maine Group, we thought it would be a good idea to outline in plain and simple terms why it would be advantageous to tap into the temporary labour market!

Firms can be more flexible

All sorts of circumstances can change the number of staff you need, so it pays to be flexible. You could have to cope with an unexpected employee sickness, adapt to seasonal spikes in demand or get a big contract that massively increases your workload overnight.

By taking on temps, you can adapt to these circumstances quickly and smoothly and feel confident you have qualified people taking on certain roles and responsibilities.

You're not obliged to keep workers on

Seeing how temps perform in a job can be a great way to see if they might suit your business in the long-term. After all, you can only get so much insight from a CV, covering letter and answers to interview questions.

As a result, taking on temps can be a cost-effective means of recruiting new people and gauging their abilities - all without being committed to keeping them on. It's likely that some temps will bite your hands off if you offer them a permanent contract, so you could find a temp ultimately becomes a valued and long-standing member of staff!

Stops money being wasted

Employing permanent members of staff with skills you only need sparingly can be a waste of time and money for everyone involved. You might be paying a premium to have someone with niche skills and capabilities in-house, but not getting the best possible return on your investment. The person with these skills, meanwhile, isn't getting the chance to exercise them as often as they'd like, so they might end up getting dissatisfied with their work.

But if you hire a temp, you can bring in this skills and expertise as and when you need it, so you aren't paying over the odds all year round and money is freed up to go elsewhere in the business.

It's a more efficient way of running your organisation and allows you to access all sorts of specialist skills and expertise at any time - so it can be invaluable when you're pressing ahead with a one-off project.

With more and more businesses recognising the benefits of this approach, it might be time for your firm to catch up and see the benefits of accessing the temporary labour market first hand! Speak to our expert temp team today for more information, or to find out about employing a temp for your business! West-End: 020 7734 7341, City: 020 7887 2278.