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Stay motivated while working remotely

Posted on 30th June 2015

With every library and coffee shop boasting a wi-fi connection and the vast majority of homes being equipped with high-speed broadband, we're far less tethered to our offices than ever before.

Employers have increasingly come to realise that giving their workforce the option of working from remote locations can improve their work-life balance and job satisfaction. And of course, they can be sure that if they don't allow remote working, then one of their competitors will and they'll risk losing top talent to other firms.

But working outside the office does open up one concern? How does one stay motivated when they're not in the workplace and potentially surrounded by countless distractions. Well, here are a few recommendations…

Get up early

Flexible working is great in principle, but it falls down if you don't have any structure or timescale in mind. So while it might be tempting to have a lie-in and start working at any random time, it won't help your productivity. It's therefore best to get up early exactly as you would if you were going into the office and work to a consistent schedule. Having a routine should ensure you get your work done properly and within a reasonable number of hours, so it doesn't start cutting into your free time.

Dress for work

Wearing your pyjamas doesn't put you in the work mindset, so it's best to actually get showered and dressed in the morning before starting work. Of course, we're not saying wear a full business suit, but dressing in a presentable manner can have a big psychological impact. And it also helps you separate your work and home life, as getting changed into something more casual after you have finished lets you know it's time to switch off and unwind.

Create a dedicated workspace

It's tempting to work on your comfy sofa or even from your bed, but this won't get you in the frame of mind for work and again it creates an unhealthy overlap between your work and home life. It's therefore a good idea to create an office at home or at least have a desk in a study or spare bedroom that you only use when you're working. 

Make sure you exercise

Working from home can be a sedentary activity so you have to make sure you at least do some form of physical exercise. Even just going for a walk around the block during your lunch hour could work wonders, as it allows you to get some fresh air and be active. It also offers you the chance to enjoy a little face-to-face human contact - something that can stop you going stir crazy if you're working from home all day!

Be disciplined when you're online

It's easy to keep checking your personal emails and Facebook page even when you're in the office surrounded by your colleagues. So the temptation to check these is even greater if you're completely out of sight. But you've got to exercise some discipline if you want to get your work done properly and on time.

Use different devices for work

One problem with the connected world is that we can easily check our emails and receive work phone calls out of hours. It therefore makes sense to use a different computer and phone for anything work-related, as it means that you turn these devices off at the end of your shift, you really are able to switch off from work and can focus on enjoying your free time.

For more tips on how to get the most out of working remotely, speak to our specialists here at The Maine Group!