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Hit the ground running in your new office support job

Posted on 5th June 2015

Congratulations! You’ve submitted the perfect application, aced all of the interview stages and now have an exciting new job role! You should definitely be giving yourself a pat on the back for this! Go out and celebrate, and then take note of our tips below to make sure your first few weeks at your new job go smoothly.
Make sure you're feeling refreshed

It is definitely a good idea to start your new role feeling refreshed, energised and ready for a new challenge! You may be lucky enough to have a break in between roles, which you could maybe even use for a holiday! But if you just have the weekend or a couple of days, make sure you take the time to chill out! Then you can arrive on your first day feeling refreshed and renewed 

Arrive on time

Whether or not a person is punctual can reveal an awful lot about their commitment to a job. So if you want to show you're taking your new position seriously, it certainly pays to get there on time. Arriving late not only annoys your bosses - it could also irritate your colleagues, particularly if they CAN be bothered being on time for their shift!

Familiarise yourself with the company

While you'll probably have done a bit of background research into a business ahead of your interview, it's a good idea to do a little more if you're going to be working there. A few web searches here and there and you'll easily find details of recent successes, projects it has worked on and how it is regarded in the wider industry.
Don't stress

Nobody expects you to know everything on your first day and your colleagues will probably remember when they were learning the ropes. So don't panic if you don't feel you have mastered everything straight away, as it will come soon enough. If you can accept this, you'll be more likely to do something that will stand you in particularly good stead in the future – don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

Don't talk too much about your new job on social media

There's no problem telling your followers on Twitter and Facebook that you've bagged a new job, but you need to be careful what you say afterwards. Your employer might frown on you sharing too much information online and you never know who might see your posts. Even when you're off duty, you're an ambassador for the company you work for and a few ill-chosen words might reflect badly on it. So err on the side of caution and steer clear of talking about work when you want to update your status.

Get networking

There's no time to lose, so why not start trying to build your professional network as soon as you begin your job. There's plenty of ways to do this, from connecting with people on LinkedIn to volunteering to represent your company at industry events. Not only might it open up doors for you in the future, it may also make you more of an asset to your employer in the here and now.

If you follow even just a few of these recommendations, you'll find yourself in a great position to succeed both now and in the future! And remember to keep in touch with us at The Maine Group! We love to hear what you’re up to and how you are getting on, so do touch base every now and then!