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The best ways to get a satisfying job

Posted on 17th March 2016

You obviously want to enjoy your work. After all, you probably spend more time there than anywhere else. So how can you make sure you find yourself in a job that suits you and actually makes you happy?

Well, there's only so much you can do, as you have no divine right to every desirable position out there. But you can increase your chances of getting a job that satisfies you by taking these simple steps!

Know what you want

What motivates you the most? Are you interested in prestige and power? A high salary? Travel opportunities? Or are you happy just to pay the bills, feed the kids and have enough disposable income to indulge in a few hobbies and holidays?

If you have a clear purpose in mind, you'll be far more focused when it comes to searching for jobs, so you won't waste time applying for positions that don't suit you and make the most of the skills you possess.

You can only really measure success if you have a clear target in mind. So if you don't set yourself any clear objectives, you run the risk of simply drifting.

Focus on key skills

While many people will possess valuable and desirable transferable skills, the best way to stand out over rival applicants is to have capabilities that others lack. So why not pick a certain area you want to specialise in, so you're able to offer qualities that everyone else can't boast?

By being an expert in a particular field, you'll be ideally placed to land a host of permanent and temporary jobs - and perhaps command a higher salary too!

Ensure you enjoy a proper work-life balance

Employers are more aware than ever of the need for members of staff to enjoy proper breaks and downtime. Countless studies have proved that it makes people healthier both physically and mentally, so make sure you balance work and your free time accordingly, so you can reap these benefits yourself.

You'll find yourself turning up for work feeling calm, motivated, alert and refreshed - and these good feelings could make your home life much more satisfying as well!

Don't make avoidable errors when applying for jobs

Recruitment decisions can be influenced by the smallest factors, so go over your application with a fine toothcomb to make sure it fits the bill. Just a small thing like having a typo in your CV can ultimately make the difference, particularly if you're talking up the fact you have a good eye for details!

Also, don't commit other cardinal sins that are known to drive hiring managers mad, such as writing your autobiography instead of a concise covering letter, or sending in generic CVs that haven't been tailored to the job you're going for.

Being focused, thorough and determined, while making a point of looking after yourself throughout, could be the recipe for your future career success!

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