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The benefits of being a temp

Posted on 14th April 2015

While the economy is on the up and conditions in the labour market are getting much better, many job-seekers are finding temporary positions are fitting the bill for them right now, and we are finding that more organisations are looking for temps to help them out during this busy period!

So why are people deciding that this is the best option at the moment and what benefits can you enjoy from being a temp?

Career flexibility

In a permanent job, you're tied down to one place, one role and one organisation. But by becoming a temp, you can enjoy broader experiences and build a varied and wide-ranging skills set. 

You can also be flexible when it comes to managing the rest of your life. For instance, you might need to take a career break if you have a child or ,you may be studying so need to work part time hours. Being a temp can make this easy!

Chance to build professional network

While everyone is on LinkedIn these days, there's no substitute for meeting people face-to-face. Temping, therefore, can be a great way to meet key figures in all sorts of industries. And if you manage to establish relationships with them, these people might be prepared to help you out in the future, perhaps by giving you first refusal on a contract or job, or maybe writing you a reference. People also know people! So who knows what doors can open when you start temping in different organisations? Once word gets around that you’re looking for a role, you may find yourself with multiple opportunities!

Enhance your CV before taking a permanent job

When you decide the time is right to take a permanent job, the fact you've spent time at many organisations in the past means you've got plenty to impress prospective bosses with. Your CV could stand head and shoulders above those of fellow applicants, as they might not be able to boast half the experience you have. Temping in different organisations and sectors gives you a brilliant variety of expertise, and prepares you for the workplace in the future. All of which will definitely impress future employers.

Ultimately, being a temp gives you a remarkable level of control over your career progression and development, so you can either lay down the groundwork for your future job or enjoy the lifestyle benefits that come with not being tied down to a particular place or company for too long.

We have fantastic temporary opportunities available and are always looking for great temps to help us out. Do get in touch with our temp team today to find out more, or to register with us.