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Is there a stigma attached to temp work?

Posted on 28th January 2016

Sometimes, people will cast unfair aspersions on certain lifestyle and professional choices. For instance, some will dismiss temporary jobs as positions for those who can't find permanent jobs and don't require particularly sought after skills. This image sometimes leads to those who are actually in these roles downplaying them, perhaps by saying they are "just a temp", as it if's less valuable than a permanent position.

Fortunately though, attitudes are starting to change and policymakers and employers are recognising that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. Just look at how apprenticeships are being talked up ahead of the general election, along with the growing acknowledgement that not everyone needs to go to university and that there are other paths open to those who want to get ahead in life.

It's a similar story when it comes to temping - and we're seeing more and more organisations and individuals recognising their value and importance. The UK plc has surely benefited from the fact we have a highly flexible workforce, full of mobile individuals who are able to gain unique insights into many different sectors.

Meanwhile, businesses are able to access certain skills and expertise as and when they need it, so they can use their time and resources more efficiently. 

The perception that temporary jobs aren't a secure way of working is also evaporating. The right person with the right skills will always be in demand, so they might actually find themselves sought after all year round - and end up being able to command a higher salary as a result!

Temp jobs have also boomed in popularity because the need for a work-life balance has massively moved up the agenda in recent years. Employers are recognising that the long hours culture isn't a healthy one and that they can get more out of their staff if they ensure their job can fit in around their outside responsibilities, such as looking after their children.

By going for a temp job instead of a permanent position, you might find yourself enjoying the best possible work-life balance, as you're ultimately in control of your affairs and can decide when and where you wish to work.

With demand for temps growing in various sectors of the economy, some people are choosing to eschew permanent contracts with a single employer and make the most of the fact that businesses are willing to pay a premium for their services for a limited time.

Of course, long-standing stigmas don't just vanish overnight and it will take some time for sceptics to be persuaded of the value of temp jobs. But if more and more people are embracing this working model and a growing number of businesses are choosing to take them on for a set period, it looks as if this change in sentiment is well and truly about to happen!

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