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3 questions YOU should ask at an interview

Posted on 20th April 2015

Congratulations! You’ve secured an interview! This is your chance to put across your best qualities to prospective employers. When you think you’re nearly there and the interview is nearly over, there is one final hurdle you need to take…the interviewer asks you ‘have you got any questions?’ This is your final opportunity to create a lasting impression, so make it count!
Having your own questions for the interviewer gives you the chance to learn more about the company and workplace, demonstrating your interest and providing a chance to connect with the interviewer in a way that is meaningful for both of you. Take a look at our top three questions below for some inspiration ahead of your next interview.
1) What kind of training opportunities do you offer? Asking about training provisions is a great way to show your commitment to the company as it suggests you'd be happy to progress at the firm. Training opportunities can help your advance in your role while also adding value for the company. The answer should also give you a notion of how far you can expect to progress at the firm.
2) How is performance reviewed? Find out a bit more about what's expected from you in the role you're being interviewed for by asking how performance is assessed and reviewed. This should give you some idea as to the level of pressure you'll be working under and can also be a less taboo alternative to asking about the potential for promotion and pay rises, as part of the assessment process may be meeting targets and receiving a salary boost as a result.
3) What are the company's goals for the next five years? A new take on the favourite 'five years time' interview question, there's no reason you can't ask the same of your interviewer - knowing what the company's goals are for the near future means you can always work towards them if you get the job. For the interviewer's part, questions about the company's future show your willing to work as a key driver towards achieving the business's strategic goals.


For more interview advice, do ask your consultant who will be able to prep you with lots of tips!