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Posted on 30th June 2016

We thought by now the dust would have settled, yet we're far from it. The shock is subsiding, however reality is dawning and the world of talent attraction and retention is a key barometer of what businesses will be experiencing in the coming months and years.

Here at The Maine Group, we've adopted the ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ and are working extremely hard to continue to recruit the very best talent for our clients. Alongside this, we will ensure that our candidates also have the best opportunity to further their careers.  

Uncertain times call for new strategies for many, however the constant remains that attracting and retaining the best talent in the market is paramount for every business’ future success.

As we are speaking to our clients, we are starting to get a glimpse of the challenges that Brexit is going to bring to their organisations and are recommending they consider the following areas as part of their deliberations:   

•    What is the short term and long term impact on how your business generates profit?
•    Do you now need to enhance the sales element of your business including marketing and communications? 
•    How can support continue to play a crucial part and have a commercial remit to add ongoing value?
•    How does the HR element in your business give you the competitive edge in when developing the talent you currently employ? 

Without additional budget for hiring, the question becomes, “how do we upskill our people to bring and keep the necessary skills into our world”? 

When headcount freezes arise, the flexible working option becomes more relevant. Temp to perms, contracts and interim solutions are already the buzz words in this brave new world and we are supporting our clients and candidates alike through this. Whether it’s an hourly, weekly, or part time function, the opportunities arising through a flexible workforce become the conduits for growth. Talent that will know your organisation/business in a heartbeat and feel culturally aligned the minute they step through your door.

We recommend that everyone starts to refresh their coaching; training and management expertise to ensure focused and aligned businesses on the ground. 

Whatever happens, the wheels of business will continue to turn and we recommend that it’s ‘business as usual’. Organisations still need people and in our 30 years of trading, and with the range of markets we’ve encountered, the challenges are not new ones, despite this being our first Brexit. We must play the cards that have now been dealt to us.  In the end it’s always about exceptional people for exceptional companies. 

Let’s see what else transpires next week, as we speak to our client base.