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Maine HR's Seminar - How to be Present with Presence

Posted on 21st May 2015

On 19th May, Maine HR hosted a seminar on ‘How to be Present with Presence’ alongside Trevor and Mike from the Flourish Academy. We invited HR Professionals within our network, and found the seminar to be a total success!

We had a 1 hour interactive session (at breakfast, so it didn't take up too much time out of the day!) exploring how to achieve better outcomes from key workplace interactions. We focused on:

  • ‘Being Present’ and what it feels like when you train your mind to block our unwanted distractions, and keep your attention on what is happening in the moment
  • ‘Using your Presence’ - how you can bring your mind, body and voice together to help you come across as authentic, confident, compelling and credible. Watch the video below to see Trevor introducing this concept!

It was a very interactive session, using energising techniques and the inner voice, which went down really well!  

We had some fantastic feedback:

‘The Seminar was excellent’

‘I found it most interesting how the posture affects the breath, voice and control’

‘The concept of the mind, body and voice was effective and interesting’

This session really helps HR Professionals to become more confident in their world and their workplace, we are so pleased that we are able to offer this to our clients! If you would like more information on this, or any of our upcoming seminars, please contact our Head of Maine HR – Lee Thomas-Wragg –