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When Will Young People Learn? – The Impact of Social Media on Your Career

Posted on 30th November 2016

48% of job seekers are conscious of the impact of their online persona.
33% of job seekers do not think about or care about their online persona.


Our footprint makes a mark on this planet far earlier in life than when we get a CV. Social media dictates that our CV starts around about that age of 13 when youngsters are afforded access to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a host of others and an online presence and personality develops.

With 65% of businesses, recruiters, and hiring professionals now using social media to establish the true personal interests and hobbies of an individual, millennials are stacking the odds against themselves in an already competitive world.

36% of HR professionals have rejected candidates that they had already interviewed after checking their social media posts and presence.

Interestingly enough, the 15-16 years olds, Gen X, have wisened up and have deserted Facebook for the more instant and temporal world of snapchat and the like, meaning how one feels from one minute to the next will have less impact on their future careers and allow their real self to evolve without admonition and reproof.

Sites like Glassdoor and Google Reviews have readdressed the balance and a business’ reputation is now under scrutiny of social media as well; more and more candidates are partaking in research beyond merely a business’ website – they’re looking into their social media presence and how they present themselves to the world. 

Here at The Maine Group we advise all of our clients and our candidates to present only their truly authentic self out on social media. It all comes back to being yourself and reflecting this, and what you stand for, 100% of the time. If everyone embraced this then matching the right businesses to the right people would be a piece of cake - It’s all about the right fit.

For more statistics and another viewpoint, please see HR Review.