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How to Maintain Wellbeing & Motivation While At Home

Posted on 26th January 2021

How to maintain wellbeing & motivation while at home

Coping with winter lockdown is tough!  See our tips below to help you maintain wellbeing and motivation levels whilst working at home and come out thriving.  

Wellness Walk & Fake Commute 

We get it, it’s cold, it’s dark, who wants to go outside?!  However, studies show that if you manage to get some fresh air during the day you will have better energy levels and feel more motivated.  

A good rule of thumb is to try to fit in as many steps as you used to use up on your daily commute!  

If you carve out the time in your diary to commit to a lunchtime walk or even an early morning ‘fake commute’ before you start work, you can get out while it’s still light! 


One way of looking at the current situation is that we are not just working at home, but we are living at work!  When you put it like that it’s important to remember to have boundaries in place. 
Some ways of setting boundaries include:

  • Having a dedicated workspace that you can close the door on at the end of the working day is ideal but even if you’re working in your living room, at the end of the day turn off your laptop and put it away, change the lighting and hide any papers to signify the end of the working day!  
  • Keep to the set working hours and try to only be on your work system or emails within that time. It’s also a good idea not to reply to emails outside of your hours as this will ensure that people don’t expect to hear from you when you’re not working. 
  • Even changing into different clothes at the end of the day can change your mindset and signify a change in ‘mode’ so you can welcome your evening and close the door on your day.  


With no actual holidays to go on (sadly) many people are simply not taking their annual leave.  But working constantly can lead to serious burn-out!  Taking a few days off for a staycation is a great way to refresh and revitalise, you can tackle some personal admin or some DIY and come back to work refreshed and present! 

Workload! Help! 

Many employees are reporting that they are busier than ever and struggling with their workload, yet most staff don’t feel comfortable flagging it, worrying that they may be showing weakness or being ‘difficult’.  

Our advice is do exactly what you would normally do! Say if you’re too busy! Ask if you need some help or to book a temp and communicate any challenges with your line manager - don’t suffer in silence.  

Lots of workers in our network are saying that they are spending their lunchbreak getting hot and sweaty and that it’s paying off!  

Our survey showed that 90% of people who find time to exercise during the working day are feeling more energised and motivated with 85% saying they actually manage to get more work done  even though they are taking time out to exercise!  

These days there are tonnes of online classes that you can follow with no kit needed and that you can follow even in a super tiny space… 

Who needs more motivation to get moving! 

Get Some Headspace 
Here at The Maine Group we are big advocates of mindfulness and mediation.  

Mediation is proven to help deal with workplace stress, put things into perspective and work through challenges with clarity and calm!  Aaaah, doesn’t that feel better already?! 


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