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Jobs; What a Nightmare! The Horrors of Hiring or Hunting

Posted on 25th October 2018

We’re nearing the end of shocktober so we thought we would really give you a fright! Here you’ll find some insight into the utterly terrifying nightmares of hiring for your team and horrors of finding a new job!

Your Job Search

Searching for a job is stressful, we all know this, but one of the worst things is finding what you think might be your dream job, going for an interview, and another interview, and ANOTHER interview then still not have a decision… the process seems to take a lifetime! Did you know that 60% of candidates will pull out of the process if it takes too long? We’ve all been there. If you’re looking to avoid this situation, speak to your recruiter or the hiring manager and get the full scope of the hiring process – is this manageable for you or are you happy to go through a 4-round process for the right role? If you can’t get on board with the processes, this might not be the right role for you overall. However, it might be worth sticking out a lengthy process for an amazing opportunity and the right move for you. Weigh this up before you get caught in the process and keep communicating! We know it can be frustrating but patience with the process comes with its own rewards down the line.

Another pain point, not being able to find quite the right role for you. When we’re looking to broaden our horizons and find a new role, we can easily get lost in the melee of “new career opportunities” that we’re bombarded with. It’s common to feel slightly over-qualified for one role, or a tad under-qualified for the next, and find little that fits comfortably within your bracket despite the vast number of opportunities out there. If this is the case, it’s time to narrow down your job search – think long and hard about what your hard limits are (for example location or salary) and what you can be flexible about (like remote working, hours, or bonuses). This varies from person to person and can really help you focus your search. It’s also time to reflect, if you’re underqualified for a role you want, there is no harm in making a case as to why you can make this jump but you’ll need evidence to back it up and take a realistic approach. It might be beneficial to get some more experience here and some variety under your belt, why not try temping?

If you’re having a shocker and want some advice, take a look at our top tips or get in touch with the team today.


Searching for your "Perfect Candidate"

Did you know that the top candidates are, on average, only on the market for 10 days! 10 days! That's it. You have approximately 10 days to find, interview, deliberate on, and offer your perfect candidate. For most, this is an unrealistic time frame – if you’re not searching for candidates full time it’s unlikely you’ll come across these candidates before someone else has snapped them up (or at least has them in the interview process).

There are ways to counter this though, make sure you know what you are looking for, what skills are essential, and ask the experts! Whether this is just for some advice or for assistance with the process, we're here to help! We can advise, help with the part of the process that's proving a struggle (check out our Unbundled Services), or we can manage the process for you. 
   Try to streamline your hiring process. We know that there are processes in place that mean the candidate is required to meet all four partners before hiring or has a 3-stage interview process including some testing, but if you can factor these into one or maybe two days, this will really help. If your prospective hire is already in a role, this means they will have more flexibility to get time off while maintaining a professional standard in their current position. This also means the process moves faster! You’re less likely to miss out on great candidates if your process moves that little bit quicker. But most importantly, keep communicating. If everyone knows the timeframes and where they stand, things will run more smoothly.

There are a whole ghoulish host of things that can cause a ruckus when looking for the next step in your career or when searching for the next key member of your team. Just remember, we're all in the same boat and here to help!