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4 tips to retain and hire talent in 2022

Posted on 25th February 2022

The worst of the pandemic may be behind us, but it looks as if the worst of the talent drought is yet to come. In 2022, companies will have to transform their hiring practices to battle the growing skills gap and the post-COVID “Great Resignation”. Here are four tips to survive the struggle:

  1. Focus on retention

The easiest way to avoid hiring issues is to avoid having to hire—in other words, invest in retaining the people you have. Offer financial and educational incentives to keep them motivated, listen when they ask for flexibility, and open up opportunities for people to change roles within your organisation. Studies show that internal mobility boosts employee retention, whether employees move upwards or sideways.

  1. Invest in your hiring capabilities

The financial and time cost of unfilled roles is so massive that it pays to make a serious investment in growing your hiring function. Don’t wait until your HR team are run off their feet. Seek out recruitment partners, niche job boards and hiring events to support your HR function, and invest in social media support to build your talent brand.

  1. Improve your interview process

Getting from the interview stage to onboarding can take far too long, and with candidates spoiled for choice with multiple offers, you’re likely to lose people if you don’t speed it up. Make your hiring process both efficient and engaging. Record and share interviews internally rather than putting candidates through multiple interviews, cut unnecessary or redundant steps and create standardised questions rather than letting the interview be a freeform chat. This will enable you to analyse candidates quickly and make more informed decisions by comparing their responses.

  1. Widen your talent pool

Rather than competing for the same few candidates, expand your list. There are plenty of pools of untapped potential, including older workers, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, employees returning to the workforce after having children, and more. Offering training, flexibility and financial incentives can help you bring more diverse talent on board.