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Posted on 22nd June 2017

“What I have always loved about The Maine Group is how much it aligns with my values. When I walk in the door, I don’t feel like I have to put on a ‘work’ face; the work I do, the way I talk to people, the advice I give, and the way I would encourage someone is the same way I would approach my friends. It all feels like I’m adding value and the way people respond is equally appreciative.

I came into recruitment 20 years ago when the reputation really wasn’t good – it’s still not great – and we’re working to change that. We’re not just trying to do a good job for our clients and candidates, we’re also trying to change the perception of recruitment and turn it into a more respected and valued field. We are the experts, we’re consultants in recruitment, we’re specialists in the most important commodity in business.

What is a business without it’s people?

So, when it comes to when it comes to hiring (and this is one of the reasons I bought the business back in 2011. I feel The Maine Group gave me the opportunity to truly have it all. I could have a career with a company that aligned with my values, and I was able to feel like I was helping people with the work I’m doing. I bought the business because I wanted to ensure that this environment and this ‘feel’ of coming to work was available to many more coming after me.

That’s what The Maine Group is all about.

If anything, what we have been doing over the last 5 years is trying to refine that feel to the point that recently, we have embraced modern working cultures to enable people to have it all. We have encouraged flexible working and now have some of our team (not just mums) working 4 day weeks, we have people who work from home, and encourage a hot desk environment.

The biggest challenge for recruitment consultants is, without doubt, time.  This is why we are embracing flexible working and also ensure we close over the Christmas break. The work life triangle is so important, spending time with your loved ones and relaxing is key. If you can get the balance of one third you, one third your family, and one third your business, you can be the most effective person in all areas and aspects of your world. Our benefits facilitate this. 

You can always earn more money, you can’t get time back. We’ve got to make sure that every minute we spend, of every day, feels like we’re spending them for the right reasons, that’s what I feel The Maine Group gives you.

There is no ‘them and us’ approach/feel. We keep engaged, motivated, and positive as a team. What you see is what you get; we’re truly collaborative and genuinely supportive so it stops feeling like work. We are driven and always give 110% but we reward that too, we’re all in this together after all. We are a true partnership, not only with our clients and candidates, but also with our consultants. We have fostered a mature environment which allows people to grow as individuals as well as grow their careers.

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