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The Future of CVs and Recruitment

Posted on 15th January 2019

Our role as consultants in recruitment, day in day out, is about helping two worlds collide. No, it’s online dating, but it is match making of a different sort. It’s professional match making. When recruiting new team members or looking for your next role, we know that emotional intelligence is key - how do people think?, what’s important?, what do they prioritise? Some people call it fit, some people call it culture, but either way we know that it’s not about what they do, it’s how they behave when they’re doing it; and ultimately, how can a CV bring that to life?

So, we want to enable both our clients and candidates to have a more effective and efficient way of getting to know each other. We’re not trying to do ourselves out of a job here, we always believe that there will be a need for the business matchmakers to bring to life each other’s world. Having an outside perspective and going through the reflection piece with both sides is really important, it helps to clear out what people think they want and breaks it down to what they truly want at core level. So, with this in mind, how can a piece of paper do that? A video CV is the future. It shouldn’t be more than 45 seconds long, maximum a minute, answering 3 pertinent questions. Now, if you don’t have any guidance on what those questions should be, you should talk about who you are, your last role, and what you’re looking for from your future career and the what the next moves means for you.

If you’re a business, it’s another CV of sorts - it’s the CV of the company, the shop window. You could talk about 3 reasons a prospective candidate should work there, about what makes you special. It’s a prime opportunity to get people engaged with your organisation.

On the other side, we’re are always asking clients “what are the 3 most important things to you?”. This could also offer the opportunity to get the answers to the important questions first; if you could, what three questions would you like asked of a candidate before they even came into see you? If we deliver this to our clients in a 1 minute video, this is saving you time, improving the quality, and giving the candidate a chance to showcase themselves (rather than relying on a recruiters ability to articulate and write!).

t’s all about fit, finding out who is right for each other and who is wrong for each other. The quicker we can help businesses and candidates see what right for each other or not, whilst maintaining the same checks, balances, and rules of engagement, the better. This isn’t an instead of, it’s an enhanced service.

Let us know your thoughts on video CVs or get in touch with Meeta Sahni for more information!