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Maine Temp of the Month - July 2018

Posted on 10th August 2018

We are delighted to announce our temp of the month for July 2018 to be the one and only, Sophia!! She's worked really hard this month and been a true ambassador for The Maine Group, receiving great feedback from the clients she's visited.

We were lucky enough to get some feedback from Sophia on her experience temping through The Maine Group: 

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time temping through Maine-Tucker. It is has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. Temping has allowed me to learn a lot about the company in a short space of time and enabled me to dive straight into my role and get stuck into my day to day duties. My first day went well with me being introduced to everyone in the company and having a brief overview of what each department does. This in-turn exposed me to numerous parts of the business and I was able to quickly take on a range of different tasks from being part of a compliance related project to also being able to give my input on marketing decisions. Temping has broadened my mind and has enabled me to have additional experiences in a short time, that maybe would have taken a couple of years had I gone a different route."

Huge congratulations again to Sophia and thanks for being so fab!

We hope you enjoy your vouchers!