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It's Time to Press for Progress, International Women's Day 2018

Posted on 8th March 2018

We’ve come a long way from last year (read our previous blog here); in the last 12 months we’ve seen the further exposure of the BBC gender pay gap discrepancies and a push for equality in this area, we’ve seen the exposure of the discrimination and harassment in Hollywood, and the rise of the Me Too and Times’s Up movements. Women’s issues are more and more widely represented and the conversation about equality is being had all around the word.

The issue of equal pay is now at the forefront of people’s minds and there has been some improvement, but progress is slow - the median pay gap having decreased from 9.4% in 2016 to 9.1% in 2017. Gender equality is headline news weekly, if not daily, and it does appear to be at the top of peoples list of things to discuss and change. We are making progress!

We must continue to lead by example in furthering equality, through closing the gaps where we can and working together to achieve. The UK has doubled the proportion of board positions occupied by women in the last 6 years but we’re still long way from true gender diversity.

Here at The Maine Group, we’ve noticed the effects of equality in unexpected ways, there has been a trend within our own world toward a much wider acceptance of men into traditionally, and stereotypically female roles but there is still a long way to go here too. We must encourage our young women into the STEM subjects and reinforce that they can go on to be CEO’s, lawyers, mechanics, engineers, and equally reinforce in young men that you can go on to be successful personal assistants, corporate fundraisers, nurses, and receptionists. 

With the continual news output on equality often having a negative spin, and implications that, as a people, we are making little to no progress. But there have been changes, there has been progress. Let’s stay positive with our work toward equality and keep striving to improve. The Maine Team intend to lead from the front, working hard on the ground to make a difference and be at the forefront of change and progress.

Where you can create equality, and where you can measure it, we all must keep trying.