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New Year’s resignations: Are you prepared?

Posted on 4th January 2022

Are you expecting some resignations in the New Year? You’re not alone. The UK has a record 2.2 million unfilled jobs, and hundreds of thousands of companies are struggling to fill them.

But the Great Resignation also presents a unique opportunity to bring in fresh talent who can help you grow your company in 2022.

January always sees a spike in resignations as people look for a clean slate, but with the challenges we’ve faced during Covid, it’s no surprise that many people’s New Year’s resolution is to try something completely new.

While you can’t force people to stay, you can encourage them to by acknowledging and rewarding those who’ve stepped up during the pandemic, letting everyone know they’re appreciated, listening to their needs, and giving them opportunities to grow and innovate.

Prioritising flexibility, diversity and mental health support alongside competitive pay will make you attractive to new hires. And remember that your current employees value these things too. Providing them will help you create dedicated teams who love coming to work and take pride in what they do.

By building your employer brand and reputation, you can make people want to work for you and advertise you for free by word of mouth. When you’re seen as an employer of choice, your vacancies will be filled in no time, because people will see working for you as their dream job.