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4 ways to recruit and retain talent in the new normal

Posted on 2nd August 2022

Employers have emerged from the pandemic into a talent drought like no other. Old recruitment and retention strategies are no longer working. The exponential rise of flexible and hybrid working has demonstrated that today’s candidates have very different expectations–and as companies race to meet them, the skills gap is widening. Employers need to act fast.

In these complicated times, an effective HR strategy starts with one simple step: understanding what people now want from an employer. While it’s more of a holistic mood shift than an itemised list of demands, there are four key factors that stand out.

  1. A meaningful employer brand

Applicants are no longer just looking at pay rates and annual reports to decide where they want to work. How is your company reducing its carbon footprint? What are you doing to improve equality and diversity? Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) questions should be at the top of your agenda.

  1. Championing diversity, inclusion and culture

Diversity and inclusion are no longer optional if you want to attract and retain staff. You need to create an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated for who they are. If you can create a positive culture with employees who are motivated, inspired and proud of what they do, your own people will be the most powerful advertisement for your employer brand.

  1. Embracing technology in HR

This isn’t just about improving your website and social media, although those are important. It’s also about making smart use of data in your HR processes, getting digital onboarding right, and providing digital learning opportunities for your staff. These will all combine to boost your image and attract and retain the right people.

  1. Adapting to changing expectations

We all know candidate expectations changed during the pandemic, but don’t assume they’ve remained static since. For example, offering hybrid working used to put you ahead of the competition–it’s now a boringly normal baseline. On the other hand, as inflation continues to rise, financial safety is becoming more important, so long-term financial incentives like share plans are growing in importance. Stay attuned to the changing needs and demands of your people and your candidates.