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The Maine Temps

Temping through The Maine Group

The Maine Group have been an established temporaries consultancy for nearly 30 years! Temping gives you the flexibility to work at times/dates suited to you, and also allows you to gain a wealth of experience by working with different clients in different roles. Being such a well established consultancy ensures that we have solid business relationships with clients from a variety of sectors who have temporary needs.

Our clients rely on us for urgent, last minute help, as well as holiday and sickness cover, and sometimes, they just need some extra help to finish big projects! We understand just how important this is. No business should have to compromise or suffer from a lack of support, so this is where The Maine Group Temps come in!

The Maine Group temps represent us in every booking they are placed in, and guarantee our clients an exceptional temporaries service. We work together to ensure this, which is why our temps make a promise to us, and we make a promise to them…

We promise you...

Our promise to you is that we will  endeavour to place you in solid reliable temporary assignments. We will always work to ensure you are paid accurately and on time week in, week out and that your experience of temping will always be an exceptional one.

Temporary Workers Guide: The Maine Group Temps Promise and all you need to know!

The Maine Group temps are selected because they are of the highest standard! Please read this guide for a valuable insight into temping through us and to ensure you understand what is expected of you.


Please keep us informed of your availability on a regular basis.  We may just have a booking waiting for you when you call! Equally, if you can’t work for a period of time do let us know so we can put your file on hold until you are available again.

Attendance & Punctuality

The Maine Group temps are expected to be punctual at all times and to report for work on the dates advised. When you commit to work for us, please ensure that you are free on all dates of the booking. If you cannot complete the assignment this, can be very problematic and it might be that someone else is more suitable.

If however you are unavoidably going to be late, sick or for any other reason not at your booking when you are expected, please ensure you call The Maine Group office (020 7734 7341) as close to 8am as possible. If you wish to email your consultant as well then please do (especially if this means giving them more notice), but an email is only as a back up to a phone call. There is no guarantee with an email that we have got the message.

Internet /Email usage

As company policy, temporary workers are requested not to use client company Internet or email systems for any personal use whatsoever. Facebook & hotmail are also no-no's. In some cases for long term roles, a client may implicitly give you permission, even then, please use caution and the utmost discretion.


As part of our terms & conditions you have signed up to a confidentially agreement. Additionally some clients may ask you to sign their own agreement, please do so. The basis of any confidentiality agreement is what goes on in a booking, stays there! Quite simply, please don't disclose any information you have been exposed to on assignment, to anyone, including other internal parties. The Maine Group temps are discrete and trustworthy.


To ensure you are paid accurately and on time, it is really important that you help us to help. All timesheets must be submitted by 5pm on Friday. After this, you would not be guaranteed to be paid in the following week. Any payroll queries should be directed to your consultant or to our dedicated payroll manager, Christy Holderness (christy.holderness@themainegroup.co.uk) who will contact you to explain how timesheets and payroll will work. Please use our ETZ Online timesheet system to complete your timesheet and submit to your Line Manager for approval, login here: www.timesheetz.net Call us if you have any questions or if anything is not clear because it is very important to us that you get paid on time! Please only put on your timesheet the time you have worked and do not account for any breaks taken, also, if you commenced working early please reflect this on your timesheet.


Do make an effort with your appearance; check with your consultant if you're unsure of the dress code (you don't want to arrive in jeans if everyone else is in a suit, or the other way around). If in doubt, err on the side of caution -a smart polished appearance always goes down well.

Star Temp

The temps who are asked back or extended by our clients, usually follow these easy steps: please do all of the below and you will most likely become a The Maine Group Star Temp!

- Smile 

Sounds simple, it is! Be warm and approachable from the minute you arrive (but remain professional)

- Offer to help

The best temps are the ones that ask for extra work and make themselves indispensable!

- Take notes

Always take notes when you’re given instructions and follow them to the letter

- Attention to detail

Our clients will expect the best so make sure you pay attention to the tiniest detail and check

- Go the extra mile

When a temp takes pride in their work and goes the extra mile we always get great feedback!


At The Maine Group our relationship with our temporary workers is extremely important to us.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to catch up, please don’t hesitate to give your consultant a call anytime or drop in for a coffee at our Haymarket HQ.

Let’s always keep talking!